About OXSS

About OXSS

OXSS vision

Oxelösund is to be the sailing center of the East Coast

Vision is achieved by:

  • Promote boating and sailing for young and old in and around Oxelösund.
  • Implement sailing school aimed at lifelong sailing interest.
  • Work for both broad and elite activities.
  • Offer members the prerequisites for training and racing activities.
  • Arrange competitions at national and international level.
  • Be the first star of the East Coast as a sailing organizer.
  • Run your own sports facility in Östersviken.
  • Actively manage club resources to meet business needs.
  • Offer members an attractive boat and docking places.
  • Actively cooperate with the municipality of Oxelösund.
  • Actively cooperate with the business community in Oxelösund.

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