Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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Notice of arrival

Instructions and useful information before you arrive in Oxelösund.
Location instructions
All boats will have a fixed place on the mooring berths throughout the championship. To find your location, find out your boat number and then find your own dock, in the following document:
Access to the docks from 7 Aug.

Service in the marina:
Map and depth information
Crane lift and services

How to get to and from Race Village (Taxi, bus and train)?

Where can I find the program/timetable for the competition?

How to borrow an AIS? + Installation TIPS & ADVICE

We have registered a number of requests and we hope that we have enough for everyone. Send an email to if you are interested in renting one.

AIS and VHF installation - Tips & Advice

Where can I get information about the marina?

World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations Category 3, with life raft?

There is no requirement for life raft on the ORC EC 2019

What documents shall be presented at registration?

OXSS have made the following adjustments regarding the handover of documents (deviation from NoR 7.2)
A folder will be produced for all participating boats and that each boat will have its own tab where we will collect all the necessary documents.
Here are the amendments from the NoR 7.2):
a) Valid ORC International certificate issued before 1 st August 2019

Not necessary as we will download all the certificates from ORC in advance and print them out.

b) Valid third-party insurance with a minimum cover of 1.500.000 EUR

This is a must to be handed over.

c) If advertising is displayed, a respective National Authority permission

Does not apply in Sweden

All information that you have entered into the SAILTI system will be printed out in a document called "Regatta entry 2019 European ORC Championships" In that document you will find information below, but consider the following:

d) Crew list with name, surname, World Sailing Sailors Classification Code and World Sailing Sailor ID - insert when applies and weight for each crew member

The following information is requested regarding crew list:
* Name,
* Surname,
* World Sailing Sailor ID

e) Contact phone number both on boat and land, including the name of the contact person

The contact on the boat is included in the SAILTI system and is within the document, but the contact on land is required and you are asked to fill it in (handwritten).

f) Liability acceptance form duly filled out and signed

No need to hand over a separate document, a disclaimer is included in the printout document, saying; “Each boat owner or his representative accepts these terms by signing the entry form”

Why can't I enter the weights of the crew or the passport nbr ?

There is no need to enter crew weight nor the passport number in the entry system, as this information is not considered mandatory in this event..