Race publishing solution

Technical information - how everything is connected

This site – orc2019.oxss.nu
– the official site for the event. Here you can find information about local information, how to get here, accommodation, sponsors and more. For the sailors, we’ve put together some information about in- and offshore areas and crane/lift services. And for sure, more information the closer the event.
Race information
ORC Management system – http://european2019.orc.org/ First of all – this is the place for sailors to make their preliminary entry. The site presents all entries per class. Here you’ll find all about the race: results, protests, and jury decisions.
Back end administration
The site for race administration, which means setting up the basis for the race. There’s also the place for jury members to handle protests.
ORC Scorer Event
This is the site that shows all the results from each class.
ORC Scorer
This is the basic program that calculates and put together all results. When that is done, it transfers the result to the site ORC Scorer Event.
Word Sailing
Provides the race system with information of each sailor. Sailor ID is a service which aims to provide a range of online services to benefit the sport. It is aimed at all sailors, from professional athletes to local club sailors.